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professional project management

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."

– Henry Ford

PROJECTS are not "routine"


Projects are not "routine" but have unique characteristics and often require differentiation and new solutions. Projects are about searching for new knowledge, information and work methods.

Project management provides top management with an overview of the projects, integration of work teams and insight into how company resources are allocated. It also helps with risk assessment and assesses the company's position in project management compared to other companies in the industry.

Strategic management involves understanding the company's strategic position, setting long-term goals, and executing the strategy. It is important to link all projects to the company's strategy. Planning is the process of forecasting and estimating the time and costs required for the project. It is necessary to support good decisions, plan the work, estimate time and costs, decide if the project is worth carrying out and set up payment flows.

These are just a few ideas about project management, strategic management and planning. They are important tools to ensure good management and execution of projects in an understandable and organized manner.

Since Maggý is an educated project manager, she applies professional project management to her work and relies on academic research and academic publications to support herself. With this method, she ensures that all corners and nooks and crannies are looked at so that nothing is left behind.

Maggý makes sure to use the latest technology in his work, such as project management software, communication tools and planning tools, and implements these tools in her teams in order to create a simple and clear trajectory for the project. She emphasizes that all participants have defined roles and responsibilities, and that they develop mutual communication that ensures clear channels of communication and the flow of information between stakeholders. Maggý also focuses on connecting the project with the company's business ideas and business work, and ensuring that they are in line with the company's strategy and goals before they are implemented.

She takes care of realizing the company's strategic position and sets long-term goals with measurable milestones that are realistic and possibly achievable. Maggý takes care of reducing stress and fatigue and supports good decisions and risk assessment by evaluating and managing the time and costs that need to be spent on the projects.


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