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how does the teaching take place?


I ask my students to send me all teaching materials, examples and solutions, at least 3 days before the scheduled lesson because I need to have calculated the examples myself to be able to teach them properly and answer questions about what is happening in the example. Because there is a lot of preparation for each lesson, it is reflected in the price for each lesson. I teach on Saturdays and Sundays between 10-16 and the length of each lesson varies. It all depends on the student himself and I let him manage it.

distance learning

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Students need to log in to                                      and download software in the appropriate environment.

                            I have a connection on a computer and on a tablet and I use the tablet like a chalkboard to calculate on. If students have such devices, I recommend that Teams be installed on the device and connected to the meeting in the same way as with me.

Students have the choice of connecting to the lesson on a computer, tablet or phone (although I don't recommend it now) and can also connect several receivers together for the same lesson.

You can download Sketchbook              for iPad thata forAndroid.

Below, it is shown how the screen can be shared with meeting guests, and when it is finished, the student closes the Teams screen and switches to Sketchbook, and then you can start calculating. I recommend, if the student is going to calculate on a tablet screen, to have a pen to make life easier. They are available cheap here.

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hardware and software

Students can join the lesson with their computer or tablet. If the student has a tablet, she can share her screen and use software such as Sketchbook to write on so Maggý can see the student's calculations. It is recommended to use a pen/stylus if the student is going to calculate on a tablet screen to make life easier. They are available cheap here.


contact me

Here you can leave a message to Maggý regarding math tutoring, web design or just about anything as long as it is fun!

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you soon.

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