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Maggý graduated from the University of Reykjavik in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and her final project focused on user experience of Síminn's television service. The final project was completed by Maggý along with Svanhildur Jóna Erlingsdóttir and Sævaldi Viðarsson under the supervision of Dr. Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir, a professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Reykjavik.


In 2022, Maggý graduated from the University of Iceland with a master's degree in Project Management, and her master's thesis revolved around the risk-taking behavior of Icelandic entrepreneurs and managers. Maggý's supervisor for the thesis was Dr. Magnús Þór Torfason, an associate professor at the School of Business, University of Iceland.


Maggý's master's thesis was selected from a pool of 339 theses from the School of Business, University of Iceland, in the years 2021-2022 for a project in which a chapter from the theses was published in the book series "Rannsóknir í Viðskiptafræði III" (Research in Business Administration III). The book was released in the summer of 2023, with the editors of the book being Gylfi Dalmann Aðalsteinsson, Runólfur Smári Steinþórsson, and Þórhallur Örn Guðlaugsson. The book was published by the University of Iceland Press.

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rannsoknir i vidskiptafraedi III

The purpose of the Research in Business Studies series is to present interesting research on both theoretical and practical aspects of business studies. This is the third book to be published in the series, and as before, all chapters are peer-reviewed. 

The content of this book is equally diverse. There are nine chapters in total and the number of authors is 15. The chapters are in the academic fields of service management, economics, marketing, innovation, management and governance.

Maggýjar's master's thesis was one of two that was chosen from a group of 339 master's theses candidates who graduated from the University of Iceland's business administration department in the period 2021-2022.

The book can be obtainedhere on the Student Bookstore website

Research Gate

​Following the publication of the series Research in Business Economics III, the chapter from Maggýjar's master's thesis was published on the Research Gate website.

The chapter can be accessedhere at Research Gate with permission of the authors.

MSc ritgerð

The goal of the study is above all to analyze the risk appetite of Icelandic managers and entrepreneurs; and then compare the results of these two groups. The research is based on a quantitative method and is in the form of a questionnaire. This is a cross-sectional study where the information was obtained from two groups at the same time. The questionnaire consists of 8 statements obtained from the GRiPS (General Risk Propensity Scale) and one closed question in the spirit of St. Petersburg paradoxes of Daniel Bernoulli regarding risk appetite, with response options on a seven-point Likert scale.


The main results are that five of the seven hypotheses presented were supported by significant results and they indicate that entrepreneurs have a more extroverted, conscientious and nervous risk tolerance than managers and that those who score high on the risk propensity scale are more likely to participate in fair bets. Neither are significant results found in terms of managers having a more cooperative risk tolerance than entrepreneurs, nor in terms of entrepreneurs having a more open-minded risk tolerance than managers.

The thesis is locked until January 1, 2025, but an abstract can be obtainedhere at Skemma.

BSc ritgerð

The aim of the study is to measure user experience on Símnvarp Síminn. The researchers used four different methods; own experiences, interviews with user services, user tests for regular and new users and questionnaires in the form of a web survey.

The results of the study are twofold; processes that the researchers recommend for Síminn to make further measurements in the future and suggestions for improvements in the interface that could improve the user experience of Símnvarp. 

The main results of the study indicate that the user experience of Sjónvarps Síminn Premium subscribers is generally good. Síminn's TV seems to meet the demands of its users and conform to their values, as the service is the most popular in Iceland today. However, it was also revealed that a large number of users seem to have limited knowledge of the interface and thus fail to make full use of Sjónvarps Síminn's options.

The essay can be accessedhere at Skemma.


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