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Maggý's project throughout time


a company wide implementation of a new software solution


One of Maggý's latest projects was about managing a project at the software development company Svar tækni in Reykjavík, where she managed the implementation of new a software solution for a team of 15 people. The software in question is the TimeLog time and work managing software from Denmark, and Maggý is the project and product manager for TimeLog in Iceland.  With the implementation, Maggý had to change the work style and work methods company wide and ensure that all members were working in sync, all through the application of professional project management to ensure steady progress. The implementation took 4 months from beginning, where strategic meetings were held and when the implementation team started with courses from trainers, all through the end where the software was in full function with 100% time registration from the team. Various things happened, but in the end the plan was successful and the team started rowing in the same direction and productivity increased significantly. This project was a testament to her excellent leadership skills and experience in change management.


Timelog 2
TimeLog bleikt


development, design and implementation of chatboT at a large food company in reykjavík


Software development, implementation and design of a chatbot were key elements in a fun project that Maggý managed at a large food company in Reykjavík. The focus was on understanding the needs of the company and its customers and developing a chatbot that met those requirements. During the implementation, the main thing was to ensure that staff were well prepared and could use the system in a clear and efficient way. The design of the chatbot was important to create a compact and user-friendly environment, where it was easy to categorize communication between the company and customers. The project was successful and created a useful experience for all parties. The quality of the service was guaranteed and the value of communication with customers was increased and the company's competitiveness on the food market was greatly improved. With these items combined with professional project management techniques, the project was completed to meet the objectives and deliver the intended results.






The personal collaboration between Maggý and the client regarding the design and construction of a portfolio website for photographer Elín Björg Guðmundsdóttir was an extremely important part of the project. During the design phase, the focus was on creating a unique and visually appealing experience that could capture Elín's unique style and creative vision. The design aimed to provide visitors with a user-friendly and seamless experience, where the photographs took center stage. Standard design principles and an efficient web development environment were used to ensure a compact user interface and a vibrant user experience. 

Elín brought a personal element to the selection of the overall appearance of the website, and she was prepared with accessible and user-friendly web management systems to keep the site up to date with new images and projects. The project went through an iterative process where design was done in parallel with construction and took into account Elín's needs and expectations. She was consulted regularly to ensure that the site reflected her artistic vision and goals. The website is now complete and provides Elín with an impressive platform to display her work, where the photographs take center stage. This project was a successful collaboration between the designer/developer and Elín and created a wonderful platform to showcase her artistic work and attract the attention of potential clients.


Elín Björg ljósmyndari
Elín Björg ljósmyndari

Johan Rönning's 90th birthday

logo designed on the occasion of Johan Rönning's 90th birthday


Designing the logo for Johan Rönning's 90th birthday was a fun project that drew inspiration from the logo used for the company's 50th anniversary. The design aimed to connect the company's history and heritage with a fresh and updated version of the logo.


The design focused on creating a cohesive and consistent presentation that reflected the company's strategy and values. The challenge was to rejuvenate the logo in a way that blended the past and the present, showing the decades of business history the company had, while aligning it with current interests and societal attitudes.


The project drew on design trends and styles that are respected and recognized in the field of graphic design. The project manager and relevant stakeholders were consulted throughout the process to ensure that the logo accurately reflected the company's strategy, values and image at this momentous time. The logo for the company's 90th anniversary was an intriguing mix of history and modernity, capturing the essence of the company, its values and heritage.


Rönning 90 ára
90 ára afmæli Rönning

Johan Rönning's 90th birthday

specially branded biters with a logo designed by Maggy on the occasion of Johan Rönning's 90th birthday


On the occasion of Johan Rönning's 90th birthday, specially branded biters were produced with the logo designed by Maggý. These specially branded biters were specially produced to represent and celebrate the anniversary year. They were put on sale in Rönning's stores as an option for customers to represent the uniqueness and meaning of this significant turning point and to give them the opportunity to own a part of the company's history. This design was an attempt to mix the traditional look of the biters with modern design materials that achieved a pleasant result.

When the pieces were produced and marked with Maggý's design, they were then put up for sale in Rönning's stores. These specially marked biters were not only tools, but also a symbol of the years and age of the company that have created quality and trust with customers for almost a century.

This project demonstrated Maggý's ability as a designer and product manager to mix traditional design with a modern look and create a unique brand that was associated with the anniversary year.



vector drawing of east road 69, selfossi

vector drawing of the new housing fagkaupi on selfoss


On the occasion of the opening of Johan Rönning's , Vatn & veitur's and Sindri's new store in one and the same building in Selfoss, vector drawings of the building were made. In these drawings, emphasis was placed on reflecting the unique architecture and characteristics of the premises as residences for these nationally known stores.  Emphasis was placed on making the drawings accurate and comprehensible and providing parties with clear access to the layout and ideas about the layout of the commercial premises.

Vector drawings are technically accurate and extremely cost-effective drawings made using vector graphics. This drawing technique is based on the use of lines, dashes and arcs that create a clean and clear pattern that is careful

These drawings offer unlimited creative freedom, as the designer can use line, style and color to create a unique look.

With vector graphics, you can create detailed and stylish images that provide a unique and impressive effect on the environment.


Vektormynd 2

billboard advertisement

billboard ad to advertise the opening of a new store ronning, water and utilities and sindira at austurvegu 69, selfossi


Maggý's impressive design of a well-known billboard location in the best place in the south (located in front of everyone's eyes right when you drive into Selfoss) to announce the opening of the new store Rönning, Vatns og veitur og Sindri's at Austurvegi 69 in Selfoss was extremely successful. Located in an area where around 6000 cars pass by daily, the billboard is an eye-catching display that effectively communicates the exciting news of the store's opening. The design of the billboard reflects the artistic flair and marketing knowledge of Maggý's, which captures the essence of the brands. With a combination of vibrant colours, striking typography and distinctive imagery, the billboard creates a strong visual impact that captures the attention of passers-by and entices them to check out the new store.


The billboard serves as a powerful marketing tool and really reaches a wide audience and creates excitement and anticipation for the store opening. Its prominent placement and visually appealing design make it impossible to ignore, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and creating a buzz for the new shopping experience.



design, construction and development of software that collects data on communication and pathway channels within innovation companies


In the summer of 2020, Maggý worked together with Erna Guðrún Sigurðardóttir, under the guidance of Magnús Þór Torfason, to design software that analyzes networks within innovative companies, and the project received a grant from the Students' Innovation Fund. The aim of the project was to design, develop and test a prototype of a software solution, which makes it possible to collect information about networks, communication and communication channels of innovative companies, analyze the impact of these factors on innovation and creativity, and help companies to improve their operations.

Innovation and the development of new business opportunities are the basis of prosperous and progressive societies. The creativity of creative people is very important, but studies have shown that the sources of innovation opportunities lie to a large extent in the environment in which creative people live and work. The most valuable opportunities thus arise when people connect ideas from different sources in their network in a new way. The aim of this project was to design, develop and test a prototype of a software solution to collect information about networks, communication and communication channels within innovative companies. By analyzing the impact of these factors on innovation and creativity, it is possible to better understand the sources of innovation opportunities and help innovative companies improve their performance.



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